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Lantal's portfolio of ready-to-install products includes customized pleated curtains, cut and sewn seat and headrest covers, and carpet parts accurately pre-cut to size.

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Key facts at a glance

Lantal's engineering department is authorized to modify components for bus interiors. We have the competence and experience needed to customize and ship ready-to-install products.


Lantal offers a broad spectrum of ready-to-install products for seats. It ranges from fit-and-fly seat covers to custom-designed literature pockets. The products are available in various configurations and with different finishes.

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Lantal's pre-cut carpets significantly streamline the installation process. They can be cut to width or to shape, or delivered as rectangular parts.  For extra visual appeal, the carpet parts can be serged, either tone on tone or, for a more prominent accent, in a contrasting color. 

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Wall and ceiling

Curtains serve several functions in a bus interior. They offer privacy and glare protection and create visual highlights. Accordingly, Lantal offers various options that meet your needs.
Ready-to-hang curtains can be heat-pleated and enhanced with printed motifs.

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